“ to help another”.


A Message From Richard 

Mizpah is a Hebrew word meaning: “to help another”.

In 1969 at the age of 22 yrs. old, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin disease in its fourth stage, with less than a year to live.  I was advised to go home and get my paperwork in order.

I was introduced to new words such as radiation, cobalt treatment, and in medical terms that Hodgkin was the sister of Leukemia.  It was hard to accept and I felt all alone with feelings of sorrow, anger, frustration and fear.

I have been to numerous hospitals from Maine to Boston and still do to this day.  I received the maximum treatment of radiation and cobalt my body could take;trying to stop or slow down the cancer.  Clamps had to be used in areas too close to my spine for the doctors to get to it.

The side effects of the treatment over the years resulted in hip replacement, colostomy, and type 1 diabetes, along with the removal of thyroid gland, spleen and sections of my intestines.

I made a promise with the High Almighty that if my life be spared for a little while longer I would build a place for Cancer people to come to.  A place for cancer survivors and people in grief to come and reflect, meditate, console and be at peace with each other and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer.  

I started building this special place called Mizpah in 1991.

Enter this website and enjoy!

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