“ to help another”.


Dear Potential Supporter:
The existence of Mizpah in Grand Isle, Maine started in 1991 with the bulldozing of a large pond area followed by constructing material and putting up buildings one at a time.  

Groups of volunteers helped out season after season, year after year.  The labor was free and some of the building material was donated as well. Word of mouth spread the news in surrounding towns that we were building A Place for Cancer Survivors to come to.  A place for them to come and meditate, connect with the Higher Supreme and bonding with their loved ones either living or those who passed away.  Trying to understand the question of why me? Why do I have Cancer?  Every one of us has either been diagnosed with Cancer or has a relative or a friend that has been diagnosed with it. This Spiritual Place is in need for these people to come to and to help them understand what they’re going through.  Spiritual Healing is very powerful and the feeling of not being alone as they go through these hard times is very important in the healing process.  THIS IS THE FEELING you get when you come to Mizpah. 

After 21 years of volunteer labor, 8 years of Walk-a-Thon around the Pond; Mizpah volunteers have constructed 15 buildings, walking paths called Personal Reflections, over 20 Flower Gardens, etc.  This is one of the best if not the best Outdoor Spiritual Location that we know of where people in pain come to.
To help ensure the future of Mizpah, we are now asking for your support by becoming a “PILLAR OF MIZPAH”.  The purchase of a $500.00 plaque (with your name or business name) will be affixed to one of the five pillars located on Mizpah’s ground and will guarantee Mizpah’s existence into the future.  Your $500 donation may be paid in one lump sum, or paid in five annual installments of $100, and a receipt will be given on demand for tax purposes.  Enclosed please find an Endowment Trust Fund Document to fill out and for you to send out with your donation.   Donation can be made by: check made out to Mizpah and mailed to Mizpah Inc. P.O. Box 216, Grand Isle, Maine 04746.  Contributions to Mizpah are deductible under section 501 (c) (3) & section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Please call us for more Info at: 207-316-3477, or 207-728-3129.  

Thank you for your support.
Mizpah Board of Directors

Pillars of Mizpah

MizpahMizpah is a Non-Profit Organization
Contributions to Mizpah are deductible under section 170 of the Code.
Mizpah is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the Code.
Mizpah as an Organization is also exempt under section 501  ( c )  (3) of the Code and is classified as a Public Charity.